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The energy utility industry is undergoing significant changes driven by shifting power sources to green and renewable energy, complex energy management models, and reframing customer relationships by building awareness around new programs and initiatives.


To achieve environmental and energy sustainability through strategic digital media campaigns.


“We are especially proud to have served the energy sector for many years. We have built up an expert knowledge base and proprietary technology to create compelling, effective, and cost-efficient search marketing campaigns.”

– Jim Hammerel, Founder and CEO
Xtropy Search Marketing

This is why we are in business. It’s our passion and our mission. Leverage Xtropy’s years of experience in the energy industry and let us help you refine your customer outreach strategy.

Within the energy industry, paid search is the most cost-effective tactic that we’ve seen. With ever-shrinking marketing budgets, if it’s not part of your existing marketing mix, it certainly needs to be.

We play well in sandbox. If you currently have an agency of record (AOR), that is not an issue for us. In fact, Xtropy works collaboratively with some of the top agencies in the US to help them accomplish their energy clients’ goals by providing significant experience and resources to their paid search strategy.

To set up an exploratory call and take a deeper dive into how a paid search strategy could benefit your program and its objectives, please contact us. Or if you prefer, you can refer us to your AOR to allow us to discuss the challenges your energy organization may be facing and how Xtropy may be a good fit.

  • "Extremely efficient, smart, patient, and professional" is what comes to mind when I think of Jim and the Xtropy team.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim and team for the past 3-4 years now managing our SEM campaigns enterprise-wide. They are true leaders and a strong asset to any team!

    Major Retail Energy Executive
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