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CLIENT: Visit Truckee
Hospitality and Tourism

Visit Truckee-Tahoe (VTT) is the 501c6 Destination Marketing & Management Organization (DMMO) for Truckee, California. The VTT prioritizes sustainability, visitation management and a balanced tourism economy. Its mission is to protect, preserve, promote, and enhance Truckee as an authentic mountain town. VTT serves their members, partners with key organizations and balances its actions for the well-being of its community.


In 2018, Visit Truckee-Tahoe reached out to Xtropy because they wanted to increase overnight tourism in the Truckee area, as well as drive visits during the historically slower winter, fall, and spring months.


  • Generate location awareness
  • Increase lodging and event bookings, especially during fall and spring months


Xtropy created a full-funnel approach including digital display ads, video awareness ads, and search ads, as well as remarketing.

In addition, we created a four-season approach for both Google Display ads and TrueView video ads. A four-season approach allowed us to showcase the local natural beauty through imagery in our display banners and video ads. In addition, Xtropy supports the seasonal contests and events that VTT hosts.


Lastly, Xtropy leveraged the weather triggering capabilities of our partner company—IfThenAds—to ensure that people see timely ads during snow storms in the winter, and comfortable mountain temperatures in the summer. These ads encourage Truckee as a destination consideration during peak weather events and slow ad spend during inclement weather as to not waste budget when weather conditions aren’t favorable.


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During winter 2019-2020, the weather-triggered display ads were activated eight separate times and were active for a total of 25 days. That resulted in over 104,000 impressions and 272 targeted clicks to the website. Those that visited the landing page had an extremely high conversion rate of over 22%. These ads used compelling imagery that informed our audience of the fresh snow and drove interested traffic to the website.