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CLIENT: Rapid Recon  
VERTICAL: Technology

Rapid Recon is a SaaS tech company that licenses a workflow app for collaboration and communications for vehicle reconditioning and sales. Rapid Recon has developed an efficient way for dealerships to share data across teams.


In April 2020, Rapid Recon approached Xtropy because they wanted a partner that would develop a strategic plan for their ad spend and also properly track offline conversions in order to prioritize media dollars and gain visibility to which channels leads were being driven from.


  • Generate cost efficient sales leads
  • Improve campaign performance reporting
  • Increase ROI


Xtropy recommended and built a full-funnel campaign that utilizes Google’s Display Network and YouTube TrueView video ads for upper- and mid-funnel awareness and consideration, and Google search ads for the bottom-funnel conversions. In addition, Xtropy instituted offline conversion tracking by importing lead data from Salesforce into Google Ads. This allowed for tracking of ‘closed won’ deals in Rapid Recon’s CRM and attributing them back to the original Google Ads click it originated from. This allowed for two things; first a better attribution window to determine which tactics were ultimately driving new business, and second better campaign optimization and the ability to create lookalike audiences based on leads that turned into actual revenue.


The full-funnel campaign generated over 2 million ad impressions over an eight-month ramp. Top-funnel tactics like TrueView video ads and Google Display ads delivered over 400,000 impressions and nearly 2,300 clicks. This created the brand awareness and consideration that ultimately delivered nearly 1,000 leads at the bottom of the funnel.
ad impressions over 8 months
The TrueView video campaigns generated nearly 140,000 targeted video views at a low cost/view or around a nickel each. These proved to be cost-effective awareness-builders, but also generated over 1,100 clicks to the landing page. Bottom-funnel search consisted of both brand and non-brand keywords. By running both cheaper branded keywords (driven from video and display ads) as well as more expensive non-brand keywords, their Search campaign’s average CPC remained relatively low. Post-click, Xtropy established offline conversion tracking through Salesforce and Pardot to attribute ‘closed – won’ deals back to the original ad click, as well as the various touch points along the way down the sales funnel. This helped quantity each of the tactics’ contributions to leads generated, and established transparent budget priorities.