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About Text Ads:

It has three parts: headline text, display URL, and description text. See the requirements below.

Length Limits:


Max Length

Headline 1

30 characters

Headline 2

30 characters

Headline 3

30 characters

Description 1

90 characters

Description 2

90 characters

Path (2)

15 characters

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About Demand Gen:

These require the following: headlines, descriptions, marketing images, logos, final URL, and CTA. See the requirements below.

Marketing Images

Can support up to 20

Landscape image:

Dimensions: 1.91:1

Min. size: 600 x 314. Recommended: 1200 x 628

5 MB max file size

Square image:

Min. size: 300 x 300. Recommended: 1200 x 1200

5 MB max file size

Portrait 4:5 image (optional):

Min. dimension: 480 x 600. Recommended: 960 x 1200

5 MB max file size

Best practice: Upload three of each aspect ratio for maximum placement coverage.



1:1 (required).

Min. size: 144 x 144. Recommended: 1200 x 1200

150 KB max file sized.


Your headlines are the first line of your ad. Headlines can be up to 40 characters. Write headlines that make sense combined with any of your descriptions, images, and landing page. You can enter up to 5 headlines for a single creative.


Your descriptions add to your headline and invite people to take action. They can be up to 90 characters. Write descriptions that can be combined with any of your headlines, images, and landing page. You can enter up to 5 descriptions for a single creative.

Business Name

Only one business name can be provided for a single creative. It can be up to 25 characters.

Final URL

Default landing page that customers will reach on clicking the ad.

Call-to-Action text

Select the best call to action from the drop-down list in the ad creation tool. If set to “Automatic”, Google Ads will automatically select the call- to-action language to optimize for the best performance.

About Display Ads:

Ad Sizes can be uploaded in multiple different formats and sizes. You can upload image ads as GIF, JPG, and PNG. Max. size 150KB. See the requirements below.
Ad sizes

250 × 360 Triple widescreen

300 × 250 Inline rectangle

336 × 280 Large rectangle

160 × 600 Wide skyscraper

300 × 600 Half-page ad

728 × 90 Leaderboard

930 × 180 Top banner

970 × 90 Large leaderboard

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About Responsive Display Ads:

These require two things: a marketing image and a logo. See the requirements below.

Landscape Marketing Image

Ratio of 1.91:1 and be greater than 600 x 314. The file size limit is 5120KB.

Square Marketing Image

Image should be greater than 300 x 300. The file size limit is 5120KB.


Square (1:1) and should be 128 x 128 or greater. The recommended size for the square logo is 1200 x 1200. 

Landscape (4:1) logo, which should be 512 x 128 or greater. The recommended size for the landscape logo is 1200 x 300. The file size limit is 5120KB.

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About TrueView:

Videos need to be uploaded to the YouTube channel and set to ‘public’. See the requirements below.


Video URL 

Video must be uploaded to YouTube.


Choose from 4 auto-generated thumbnails; To implement custom thumbnails, contact your Google representative. 

Headline Text

25 characters max (any more than 25 will be truncated on some devices).


Two lines 25 characters max each; Description is not shown in Suggestions.

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  • Landscape Image (1.91:1) – 1200×628
  • Square Image (1:1) – 1200×1200
  • Portrait Image (4:5) – 960×1200
  • Logo Square (1:1) – 1200×1200
  • Logo Landscape (4:1) – 1200×300
Plus at least one video asset (00:10-00:45 in length, uploaded to and set to ‘public’)

About App Install Ads: 

See the requirements below. 



25 characters in length.


JPG, GIF, or PNG with a maximum size of 150KB; 320×50 pixels, 320×480 pixels, and 300×250 pixels.


YouTube link to video.

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